True North Federal Credit Union

We have what it takes to make your business a success!

True North Federal Credit Union is ready to assist you with all your business lending needs. We know how challenging being a business owner can be and being able to cover all your business expenses requires a lot of capital. Whether its starting a new business from the ground up or expanding an existing business, True North has the right loan available for you.



Mitch Jackson
Business Lending Manager

P.O. Box 34157
Juneau, AK 99803
Juneau: (907) 523-4755
Anchorage: (907) 771-4758
Fairbanks: (907) 328-4758

Fax: (907) 523-4719


Lauren Culp
Business Lending Associate

P.O. Box 34157
Juneau, AK 99803
Juneau: (907) 523-4758
Anchorage: (907) 771-4758
Fairbanks: (907) 328-4758

Fax: (907) 523-4719

Here's what True North can offer you:

  • Business Term Loans
    We offer term loans for the purchase of business equipment or other expansion of your business. Whether new, or used, we can work with you to get the most favorable rates and terms to help your business succeed. Fixed or variable rates are both offered. General requirements are that collateral value should be 125% of the loan amount.

  • Business Real Estate Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
    Need the flexibility of tapping into the equity that you have in your business or personally owned property for financing needs of your business? Our Business Real Estate Equity Loan or Business Real Estate Line of Credit could be just the solution you need. If your needs are under $250,000, you may not even need an appraisal! Fixed or variable rate options let you customize the terms to your specific needs.

  • Revolving Lines of Credit
    Effectively manage the variations in your business cash flow with a revolving line of credit. Depending on your situation, the line could be secured or unsecured. Designed for short term needs, these lines are generally offered with a variable interest rate.

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