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Your Credit Union, Your Complete Auto Center
Whether you are buying your first car or your fifteenth, your credit union can be of assistance to help walk you through the buying process as efficiently as possible. With tools such as financial calculators, new and used automobile links, and vehicle history reporting links, you'll also be empowered as an informed shopper.

First Things First (Rates)
Your good credit earns you the best possible auto loan rate. We don't differentiate our rates based on new or used automobiles either! Click for current auto loan rates and then remember that figure for use with our loan calculator.

Next, find out how much car you can afford based upon the interest rate and monthly payments you generate using our Loan Calculator. This will help you in determining what vehicle price range you should be considering.

The Fun Part - Shopping!
Visit local dealers or research online. You can also find consumer comparison magazines and other literature at your library.

Searching for a used car? Be sure to check out our list of vehicles for sale through True North FCU.

Apples To Oranges
Compare vehicles:  Consumer reporting websites can help you compare ratings on the vehicles you have selected for product quality and safety issues. Be sure to compare vehicle warranties as well as the physical characteristics and price.

Buying a used car? Connect to Carfax vehicle reporting service to find out the history of the cars you've been considering. You'll need to provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to research history.

Compare payments:  Use our Loan Comparison Calculator to plug in both a price range and loan rate range to see how your payments would vary depending on the combination of final price and rate. This is a particularly useful tool to use once you have got your choices narrowed down to two or three models, to help you to compare financing plans.

Gain The Upper Hand (Pre-Approval)
By now, you know the cars that interest you, along with the exact options and pricing you can expect, plus current rates, vehicle history (if applicable) and what you can afford…and all from your computer! Now you're ready for the final step before actually having to leave the house and take one of your prospective vehicles for a test drive…. pre-approval!

When you are pre-approved for a loan with True North FCU, you can shop with confidence knowing exactly how much car you can afford and how much of a loan you qualify for. Used car buyers may find sellers willing to compromise on price with a buyer who can close the sale more quickly. Your pre-approved status means you are taken more seriously as a potential buyer.

Stop by your local branch to speak with a loan officer or visit our online lending center and get the power of pre-approval!

Bringin' It On Home
Once you've found the right vehicle for you, our open-end lending plan allows you to simply have the dealer fax us a copy of the purchase order and if everything is right in line with your pre-approval, drive off in your new car! Private party sellers should fax in a copy of the CURRENT registration for our loan officers to get started on so you don't have to wait long when you come in with the seller to finalize the paperwork.

Congratulations! You've just bought smarter and have the best deal to show for it!

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