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KIDS - This is your page to explore, learn, and have fun while you're doing it!


Ask your local branch for your own FREE Moonjar when you open your first savings account. It has three sections for you to save your money:


"Spend" - is for money you are saving to buy something soon.

"Save" - is for money you are saving for something farther in the future.

"Share" - is for helping others.


When your "Save" section fills up you can come into the credit union to deposit it into your savings account! 


Games and Activities


Click on the following links to open printable games and activities about money and your credit union!


Googolplex Game Page       Connect The Dots      


Crossword             Scramble


Money Around The World      Tic-Tac-Toe       


Money Mania      Mad Lib           Bookmark Coloring Page      Savvy Saving     Save The Planet 


Other site for games:          H.I.P. Pocket Change 


More financial education sites for children (Note: you will leaving True North's website): 



 Parents Corner

Making Money-Savvy Kids

Teaching basic money management skills to children is critical.

A first step is opening a savings account for your child at your credit union. Our youth savings program helps teach children to become regular savers and responsible borrowers now, so they’ll be prepared when they’re out on their own--no matter how far down the road that might be.

We make saving money fun, while demonstrating the power of savings to help youngsters reach their goals.

Don't wait. Help your children open a share savings account and encourage them to add to it each week or month.

Come see us today to start your kids on the road to confident money management.

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