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Leadership and News

Meet some of your fellow Alaskans who are working diligently on your behalf to ensure True North Federal Credit Union remains true to its roots. You also can access the latest news coming out of your credit union.

Board & Management

True North's leadership team includes volunteers and credit union management professionals, all of them dedicated to guiding our credit union toward a more prosperous future while meeting our members' diverse needs.

Board of Directors

  • Kim Garnero, Chair
  • Mark Troupin, Vice-Chair
  • David Teal, Treasurer
  • Christine Moleski, Secretary
  • Lillian “Lisa” M. Worl
  • Karen Morgan
  • Valerie Mertz

Board Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34157 Juneau, AK 99803

Supervisory Committee

  • Buffy Pederson, Chair
  • Chris Letterman
  • Eric DeMoulin
  • Karen Tarver
  • Corry Isabell

Supervisory Committee Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34141 Juneau, AK 99803


  • Lauren MacVay, President / CEO
  • Patty Ray, Chief Operations Officer
  • John Moleski, Chief Financial Officer
  • TinaMarie Kile, VP Member Experience and Consumer Lending
  • Nicchia Leamer, VP of Lending
  • Aaron Mar, IS Manager
  • Zachary Warmbrodt, Accounting Manager
  • Stephen Beedle, Loan Services Manager
  • Amy Tonsgard, Mortgage Lending Manager
  • William Boothe, Business Lending Manager

Branch Management

  • Kristin Oberman, Anchorage Branch Manager
  • Ashlee Hamilton, Mendenhall Branch Manager
  • Taylee Escalante, Downtown IGA Branch Manager


Every quarter, The North Word provides financial news, special offers and tips to help you improve your financial well-being. Access current and past issues here.

Winter 2019-2020

  • Have Your PFD Check Direct Deposited to True North!
  • Welcome to 2020
  • Fee Changes
  • Top Shelf Certificate Premium Rates and Terms
  • Need to Consolidate Those Post Holiday Bills?
  • Website Review: The Financial Diet -- Non-Nonsense Money Talk
  • True North Federal Credit Union in the Community
  • Holiday Closures

Fall 2019

  • Ultimate Certificate Special
  • Local Service. Local Reach.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Member Appreciation
  • Get Ready for Fall with a Low Rate Toy Loan
  • 2020 Calendar Photo Contest: Top 10 Winners!
  • People-Helping-People: True North Federal Credit Union in the Community
  • Holiday Closures

Summer 2019

  • See It! Snap It! Submit It! 2020 Calendar Photo Contest
  • Leave Your Worries at the Dock
  • Saving for a New House? A New Car? A Fancy Vacation?
  • Holiday Closures
  • Account Access...Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Web Review: Get Out Of Debt, Get On With Your Life
  • PFD Alert
  • Keep An Idea Notebook
  • Go Where You Never Could Before
  • A Guide To Opening Your First Credit Card
  • Thank You!
  • Money Hacks: Share A Wi-Fi Signal
  • True North Blog

Spring 2019

  • Let's Talk. We'll Help Make It Happen.
  • We Need You! Supervisory Committee Volunteers Needed.
  • Holiday Closure Dates
  • Save The Date! Annual Meeting.
  • Special Announcement: Member Surveys
  • Talking Points: Cartoon
  • Tackle Your Debt With A Home Equity Loan From True North
  • Business Loans
  • Q&A: Five Ways To Spring Clean Your Finances
  • See It! Snap It! Submit It!
  • Mortgage Loans
  • April is National Credit Union Youth Month
  • Do You Know How Credit Unions Are Different?

All your home buying needs under one roof

All your home buying needs under one roof

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Easy to apply for a low rate auto loan today

Easy to apply for a low rate auto loan today

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