Certificates of Deposit (CD's) and Money Market Accounts

When you want growth at higher rates and you're willing to leave your money untouched for longer periods of time, consider our CD and Money Market Account offerings. Both products offer more growth opportunities than regular Savings Accounts; however, they also have different rules about access. Our Money Market Account and CD rates help members in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and other parts of Alaska grow their money faster.

Whether saving for a goal or creating an emergency fund, these accounts work in your best interest.

  • Maximize your CD's value by keeping it invested for the full term
  • The longer you leave your money, the more it grows
  • Money Market Accounts offer the ideal blend of growth and easy access

Money Market Accounts

Open this account with a minimum $2,500, which also is the amount required to earn dividends. You can make unlimited withdrawals and transfers in person, and up to six withdrawals and transfers per month via Online Banking.

Certificates of Deposit

When you can safely set aside larger sums of money, our CD's are smart savings options that offer guaranteed returns. Open one with a minimum $500 deposit, and invest in terms ranging from three months to three years.

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