Add pep to your savings with

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True North's Debit Card Program

We’ve made it easier to save with Step Up by simply using your debit card for purchases.

Think of it as virtual change in your pocket.

When you enroll in the Step Up program, we round up each debit card purchase to the next full dollar and transfer it to a share account of your choosing. This includes whole dollar transfers for even transaction amounts. For example: If you make a purchase for $25.00 dollars, you will see a Step Up transfer for $1.00. Likewise, if you make a purchase for $24.95, you will see a Step Up transfer for $0.05.

Extra perk alert – your extra change may also earn interest!

debit card coffee purchase example

You’ll need the following to participate in the Step Up program:

  • True North checking account
  • True North debit card

Already a member with the above items? There’s no cost to enroll.

Call the Member Contact Center at (907) 523-4700 and request to enroll in the Step Up Debit Card Program OR download the enrollment form and drop it off at any branch location.

The program is free so don’t wait to Step Up your savings!

Step Up Debit Card Program's FAQs can be found here.