Savings Accounts

True North Federal Credit Union membership starts when you open a Savings Account. For eligible individuals and business owners in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and other parts of Alaska, this account allows you to reach short-term savings goals while providing access to our loans, mortgages and other services.

Our personal and business Savings Accounts open the door to all of our valuable products and services.

  • $5 minimum deposit establishes True North Federal Credit Union membership for eligible individuals and business owners, providing a share of ownership in the process
  • Competitive rates grow your money steadily
  • Perfect for creating a solid financial foundation

It All Starts Here

At True North, we're focused on your financial well-being. That starts with a solid savings account that helps you build a financial cushion while providing anytime access. Individuals of all ages, families and business owners can benefit from our Savings Accounts.

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