The eBanking service offers several different safe and secure ways to transfer money to and from your True North account.

WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS BELOW   transfer instructions

Transfer Funds To External Accounts:


To send money to an account at another financial institution, or transfer money in from one of your accounts elsewhere, you’ll want to set up an External Account.

  • From the My Finance page, select My Recipients.
  • From the External Accounts tab, click on “Add External Account”.
  • Click the second button for deposits only, to add an account you can deposit to, but can’t withdraw from.
  • In the next screen:
    • Click the first button for deposits and withdrawals, to add an account that you own that you may want to withdraw from or deposit to.
    • Click Next, and enter an account nickname, along with the institutions routing number, account number and account type.  You will be asked to review the information before saving.
  • If you selected the first option so you can do deposits and withdrawals, you will be notified to watch the account for two small deposits.  Your new External Account will show under My Recipients in Pending status. 
    • Once the deposits appear, go to the account, click Confirm Account,  and enter the two small deposit amounts to confirm your ownership of this account.  Once your external account is confirmed, you can transfer money whenever you like.
  • If you selected the second option for deposits only, the account will be in your My Recipients list and will be immediately available for transfer.


Transfer Funds to Contacts:


Send money to friends and family without have to ask their account number by using the new 'Contact' function. With only their email or cell phone number, they’ll get an invite to provide their information confidentially, and then you can send them money whenever you want.

  • First, ask the recipient their email or cell number and tell them to expect a notice from “member service” with a link.
  • Log into ebanking and go to 'My Finances'.
    • Select 'Recipients', then 'Contacts'.
  • Click 'Send Invite'
    • Enter the person’s name and cell phone or email address
    • Click the 'Send Invite' button.
  • Your new contact will now appear in your contact list in pending status.
  • Your invitation will be sent from Member Service (email) or 1-888-304-3619 (mobile) with a message that you would like to send them money.
  • The recipient will follow the link to the 'Accept Invite' screen, and they will input the following information into our secure portal:
    • Name
    • Institution Name
    • Routing number
    • Share ID (This is a 4 digit number)
    • Account number
    • Then they click 'Accept' the invite.
  • Once they’ve completed the process, their status in your contact list will no longer reflect a “pending status'.
    • Hover over the three dots on the right of their name, and select Send Money in the quick menu.  You can now set up a one time or recurring transfer to your new contact any time you want.


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