Life is a journey.
True North is here for you.
Every STEP of the way.

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Your Financial Journey is actually the journey of your life - from the start, parents may think about our futures and plan for the finances of it (how they'll give us a home, our education, our healthcare) to the end of our lives when we think of what we'll leave behind for our loved ones and the next generation.

It's a journey, but it's not really about the destination, it's about the steps you take along the way. And sometimes, the hardest step to take is the next step, which is why at True North we are here to be a part of your #MyNextStep. Whether it's getting out of debt, saving for the future, buying a house, or simply trying to figure out what you should do next financially, True North is here for you.

stephen and family out at the beach

#MyNextStep? Supporting my family and community.

Stephen shares how childhood sports shaped his future and how important it to share those teachings with his family and community. Read Stephen's Story.

amy and child in public library

#MyNextStep? Guiding a new financial path for the next generation!

Amy shares her journey through her own financial education and how important it is to her to share that knowledge to help others. Read Amy's Story.

melissa meade panoramic photo

#MyNextStep? Sharing more of the majesty of Alaska!

Melissa shares the story of starting and growing her photography business. Read Melissa's Story.

shannon panoramic photo

#MyNextStep? Embracing new challenges!

Shannon shares her long history with True North and her excitement at new challenges ahead. Read Shannon's Story.


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