Member-Owner since June 2019

#MyNextStep?  Buying a house to ensure Alaska is my forever home.

Growing up in a city in the desert, Alaska was my dreamland - that faraway place full of endless wilderness and possibilities.

Like many before me, when I was old enough to venture out on my own, I bought a plane ticket and found myself a seasonal gig in Denali. And then, I found love! First with Alaska, which was everything I hoped it would be; then with the outdoors - hiking, fishing, backpacking; and (on the very first day) with a wonderful woman who would one day become my wife!

Together, we spent years coming back to Alaska for weeks, months and seasons, but it was never enough. So, in 2019, we took the leap and made Alaska our permanent home. We were thrilled!

And then…the pandemic hit, the hospitality industry shutdown and we were both laid off from our new jobs.

My financial journey had been fairly simple all these years. I banked with big banks because that’s what was before me.  I kept things simple and my savings account was my safety net. However, making the big move had depleted our savings and given us some new debt. Now, with the pandemic, everything felt uncertain and insecure.

And then, I joined the True Crew! Credit Unions were new to me and I was surprised to learn about the member-first culture and how truly relationship-based they are. For me, the sense of community and invaluable financial education at True North was a life-changer.

In the past year, I’ve learned so much about the Credit Union difference, about managing money, knowing the right questions to ask and how to make my money work for me. I feel more financially confident than I ever have.

The bonus is that I get to share this knowledge with the Member-Owners I talk to every day! In exchange, they’re always helping me add to my Alaska bucket list with endless recommendations of places to see, hike and fish.

#MyNextStep? My wife and I are saving for a down payment on a house so we can secure our dream of living in Alaska for the rest of our lives. Before, I never looked past today. Now, I feel confident to plan for our future and our next step!