Intuit Information

We've updated our online banking system, and you'll need to deactivate and reactivate your account to use Intuit software. Please call us at (907) 523-4700 if you have any questions.

Important Notice for Intuit and Mint Users

Our online banking vendor has made security enhancements to safeguard against a new Online Security Vulnerability coined "Logjam." These security enhancements have caused a connection issue for users with the Intuit products Intuit and Mint because Intuit has not yet made upgrades to is Express Web Connect system to protect against the "Logjam" Vulnerability. Intuit has estimated they will have a fix in place and their systems will be upgraded by July 15, 2015, at which point Express PC Home Banking members should have access to connect to these Intuit products again.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but the security of our members' information is our top priority. In the meantime, members using Intuit who wish to export their account history can click the "down arrow" button on the top right of each of their accounts inside Express PC Home Banking.

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Post-Conversion Troubleshooting Guide

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