True North Federal Credit Union
Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Credit Union if You’re in High School
From the outside, True North might look just like any other financial institution. It’s a place to go for savings and checking accounts, credit cards, car loans, and much more.

But look closer and you’ll see that credit unions are a special kind of financial institution, unlike any other. How so? And how does this affect you while you’re in high school? Take a look at these 10 reasons why True North is unique.

1. The focus is on you, not profits. Because True North is a
not-for-profit financial institution, we charge fewer and lower fees, have lower minimum balance requirements, and offer better loan rates than banks.

2. You pay lower
fees. When it comes to fees, the credit union difference is striking. Thinking about opening a checking account? Getting a car loan? Maybe even loans for college? While banks are in business to make as much profit as they can to please stockholders, we typically offer significantly lower and fewer fees on everything from checking accounts to loans.

3. You get more back. We often pay higher dividend rates on
savings accounts.

4. Credit unions provide financial education for you. We have the resources to teach teens how to budget their money, manage a checking account, and establish credit.

5. Credit unions frequently are available where other financial institutions aren’t. Credit unions are available on many college campuses and now in some high schools. They’re also available in cities all across the country. True North participates in
shared branching so you can access your account through our partner credit unions all over the country!

6. No-surcharge ATMs. We offer fee-free ATMs (automated teller machines) that any credit union member can use. We also belong to the COOP network so anywhere you see the COOP symbol you can enjoy fee-free ATM usage!

7. You’re an owner. Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives. This means that the people who belong to True North are its owners, not just customers like at other financial institutions. Your
feedback means something!

8. We give you “A” for effort. Show us you’re serious--by saving some money regularly, having pretty good grades, maybe holding a part-time job--and we’ll reward you with financial products that most banks only provide to adults.

9. Student-friendly products. Credit unions look out for the best interest of students. We understand students’ needs and work with you to help achieve your financial goals. Want to study abroad? Buy a computer? We’re happy to help you out with any of your financial goals.

10. You get extra attention. True North is here to serve you! Our employees are here to answer questions or offer one-on-one counseling to help you make your best financial choices. After all, for 21 years running, consumers have rated credit unions No. 1 in service (American Banker survey, 2005).

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