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Be the One Who Gets It Done

Do you see things you’d like to change in your community? Do you feel sad because you see:

· A crying child at an auto accident?
· A river or stream with trash along the banks?
· An old woman sitting alone outside a retirement home?

Well, you can do something to help.

Young people can make a difference.

Let’s say you’ve found something that needs to be done. Follow these simple steps:

· Figure out what you want to see happen;
· Find out who else is interested in this problem or has responsibility--parents, teachers, friends, religious leaders, librarians.
· Write down all the steps, and what you need to get to your goal;
· Ask for ideas from older people;
· Find others who support your ideas and are willing to help out;
· Build in ways to make the project or event enjoyable;

Be the one

You can organize a movement to reach a lofty goal, or you simply can look for ways to help everyday. When you see an older person struggling with a heavy door, give a hand. If you see someone drop some packages, stop and help pick them up.

Millions of small acts of kindness can have as great an impact as big projects. If everyone takes a few minutes every day to help others, we can change the world.


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