True North Federal Credit Union
CUs Bridge the Gen Y Gap


A lot of financial institutions don’t understand your generation. They think they’re wasting time trying to please you and that what you say doesn’t really matter. True North knows how important you are.

Here are some myths that might be floating around other financial institutions. Let us tell you the credit union facts:

Myth: Young adults cost financial institutions too much money.

Fact: True North knows that everyone has to start somewhere and we want that somewhere to be your credit union. We know how hard it is starting out and also know that no credit history doesn’t equal bad credit. Let us help you conduct your financial business as you start your life’s journey.

Myth: Young adults won’t stick with their financial institution.

Fact: We at True North know that you expect quality and if you don’t get it in our products and services, you’ll leave. We’ll stand behind you through all of the stages in your life. We also know that if we help you, you’ll stay with us.

Myth: Everything is online and customer service is dead.

Fact: We know you’re the most tech-savvy generation in history and that you can text message faster than a courtroom stenographer, but we also know you care about what’s inside—inside our branch that is. That’s why we’re here to offer you outstanding member service, whether you have time to visit us in person once a week—or once a year.

Check out True North today and let us show you how much we understand and care about your needs. 

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