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We know you're going to spend your teen years trying to gain as much independence as fast as you can. Your success will be heavily influenced by how well informed you are, and the choices you make between now and when you turn 18. Here we offer you articles on many of your "firsts" - first car, first apartment, etc, as well as the financial services we have to help get you there! You've gotta want it to get it - and the information here will help you plan for your future. 

Need Discipline?

Our new Youth Certificates help you stick to your goals because you can’t access your money (without penalty) until the term is up!

You also earn a much higher rate than if you just left it in your savings account. It’s only $50 to open and you can add to it at any time so it’s easy to save it as you earn it! 

*Dividends paid at maturity. Penalty for early withdrawal. Minimum of $50 to open. Maximum blaance during term is $2,000. At maturity, funds will be deposited into an account designated by the member. Add-on funds are added at the original certificate rate. Youth Certificates available to True North members under the age of 18.

Featured Articles - if you're talking about any of these subjects at home or school - feel free to share!


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