Since a recent conversion by our card processor, we have had scattered reports of transaction denial and support number issues.  If you have a problem, please contact us at (907) 523-4700 so we can assist you!  We apologize for any inconvenience, and we are working with the provider to identify and resolve all issues.

Update Your Information


In order to make the upcoming transition to the NEW Express PC Home Banking service as seamless as possible, please ensure your email address and telephone information are up-to-date.

As part of accessing the upgraded Express PC Home Banking service on or after December 5th, new security features will require you to receive and enter a one-time passcode by phone, email or text message. This new security feature helps protect your personal banking information. In order to receive this passcode, you must ensure that your telephone numbers and email address are listed correctly.

Updating your information is easy. Login to Express PC Home Banking, hover of the PROFILE TAB and make changes to the appropriate selection.

It does not matter if the number is listed as Daytime or Evening, phone numbers listed in either spot will be enabled to receive passcodes by phone call or text.

Please be sure to use an accurate email address as well. 

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