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Make a Payment

Making loan payments with True North is easy.

From our Website Homepage

  • Available without a home banking login
  • Make payment with a third party debit card
  • Each payment fee is $4.95
  • Transaction limit is $5,000
  • Payment posts to your loan immediately
  • You can set up reminders

Enrollment Instructions Make a Payment

From eBanking

Click the Pay Loan button on your loan account in eBanking, and pay in three different ways:

  • From a True North account
  • Transfer from your account at another institution, set up under My Finance as an external account (requires small balance verification before first use)
  • Use a debit card - Click Pay Loan, and choose “With an External Account” where you can set up a debit card from another institution. The transaction fee are $4.95 each, and post to your loan immediately.

Enrollment Instructions  

Call the Member Contact Center

  • By third party debit card, fee is $10 each
  • By third party credit card, fee is 2.95% per transaction
  • Call us at (907) 523-4700

In Person or by Mail

Find a Shared Branching location

You can now add a Principal payment to your True North loan payment

desktop view of loan payment screen with payment principal option availableTrue North has expanded your ability to add a Principal payment as you make regular loan payments.

You can pay down the principal loan amount more quickly, which means you could save money on interest, and shorten the length of your loan term. Remember, principal loan payments go directly to loan balance without changing due date or amount due.

It's as easy as making your regular loan payment!

Only available on desktop at this time.

desktop view of loan payment screen with payment principal option available