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Make a Payment

Making loan payments with True North is easy.

From our Website Homepage

  • Available without a home banking login
  • Make payment with a third party debit card
  • Each payment fee is $4.95
  • Transaction limit is $5,000
  • Payment posts to your loan immediately
  • You can set up reminders

Enrollment Instructions Make a Payment

From eBanking

Click the Pay Now button on your loan account in eBanking, and pay in three different ways:

  • From a True North account
  • Transfer from your account at another institution, set up under My Finance as an external account (requires small balance verification before first use)
  • Use a debit card - Click Pay Now, and choose “With an External Account” where you can set up a debit card from another institution. The transaction fee are $4.95 each, and post to your loan immediately.

Enrollment Instructions  

Call the Member Contact Center

  • By third party debit card, fee is $10 each
  • By third party credit card, fee is 2.95% per transaction
  • Call us at (907) 523-4700

In Person or by Mail

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