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Member-Owner since 2014

Guiding a new financial path for the next generation

amy building blocks with sonNot everyone gets to spend their time doing what they’re passionate about and I feel so lucky to say that I do. My passion is assisting and empowering people to improve their financial well-being and I’m able to do that every day in my job and with my family.

Most of us learn about finances from family and friends, or we end up just figuring it out along the way. I was the same and followed a traditional borrowing path until I learned in early adulthood that there were different options. When I started at True North and began to learn even more about the financial journey and how to create financial stability, no matter the individual’s situation, I discovered a passion for being a part of people’s next steps.

amy pushing son on swing in a playgroundNow, as a Mortgage Lender, my job offers me the opportunity to connect with people personally, and really dive into their financial lives, as a way to help them get to their end goal of home ownership. It’s more than just closing loans, it’s about the entire journey to get there, no matter their current situation – from someone who doesn’t initially get an approval and has steps they have to take to get approved, to someone coming back to True North to buy their next property.

Everyone has different situations, and many feel uncertain with their financial future but still have goals they want to accomplish. I truly believe that expert help is so needed. It means that much to me that I recently used my own time to complete the certification to become a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC), True North’s first. As a CCUFC, I am qualified to work with people to analyze their current situation; review credit reports and other information available with them; set their goals and next steps; and work step by step to get them to their financial objective.

My passion doesn’t stop when I leave work either. I really see the importance in what I do and how it can shape our futures, so it’s a big part of how I’m raising my family.

amy readin ga book to son in public libraryIn fact, my six-year-old son is already on his financial journey. Often it leads to the next set of super cool Legos, but it’s helping him to understand how finances work and how setting goals, making small adjustments and being realistic can make a difference in your situation. Where and when we can, we use small lessons to teach him about the save, spend, donate structure. As parents, we are also investing for his future, when possible, with products like savings accounts and certificates. It’s all the small steps that add up to the big journey.

So, what’s #MyNextStep? Guiding a new financial path for the next generation!