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Member-Owner since 1989

Embracing new challenges

SHANNON SITTING IN A CHAIR READING A BOOK IN ANCHORAGE ALASKAI’ve been a part of this True North family for 34 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a part of the True Crew and getting to know and help so many people in my community.

When I started at True North in 1984, I couldn’t have told you the difference between a bank and a Credit Union. It didn’t take long after I began working here, though, to see the difference. People aren’t just a number, and Members are more like our friends and family.

In fact, I feel like I’ve grown up with our Members – who knew me before I was married, through my marriage, the birth of my children, and my divorce - through every celebration and crisis. Even the really big ones like several years ago when I had to have open-heart surgery. It was a scary time and a long recovery, but a very welcome surprise when I found out that several Members had come to see me in the ICU!

And sometimes, those Members are actually my friends and family. I’ve referred a lot of people to True North over the years including my parents, siblings and my childhood best friend. There’s truly something special here.

shannon posing outside among fall leaves and treesAfter 34 years, you can imagine that I’ve worn a lot of hats. Starting as a Teller, I was able to take time off to finish my degree. When I returned, I was the Assistant Branch Manager, then Lending Supervisor, and then Consumer Underwriter. And now, I’ve just taken a big new step and challenge, starting a new position as a Mortgage Underwriter.

I’m excited to help True North offer mortgages to our Members that meet the unique needs of Alaskans by keeping underwriting local. It’s the first time in a long time that everything I’m doing feels new, which can be challenging, but I welcome it. It’s an entirely different way to get to know Members, their lives and the next steps ahead of them.  And then…I get to help them get there!

So, what’s my next step? Embracing new challenges!