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Member-Owner since 2020

Building a foundation for financial stability

AUSTIN SITTING ON A LOG OUTSIDE JUNEAU ALASKALike so many others, COVID left me uncertain about my job and the future. I started working at a restaurant in downtown Juneau in high school and had been happy there for two years, when the restaurant ban took effect in March 2020 and I was left furloughed from my job for several months. My financial journey until then had been really black and white, I had savings and a checking account but honestly didn’t know much more about the financial tools that could be available to me.

In my search for a new job, I found True North and started as a Teller 1 in July 2020. It’s been a really positive change for me and has had a huge impact on my financial journey.

In my two years with the True Crew, I’ve been promoted from a Teller 1 to a Teller 3 and now the Operations Supervisor at the Juneau branch. I love my job, especially because I get to be involved with a lot of different areas of the Credit Union. I also really enjoy overseeing the tellers and serving as their point of contact to ensure they are taken care of.

AUSTIN WALKING OUTDOORS IN JUNEAU ALASKAI became a Member-Owner at True North during this time because I believed in the Credit Union difference, had zero credit experience and was looking to begin my journey with credit building. I had my savings and checking but realized how crucial it was to be versatile and flexible with your money to get farther on your journey. I opened a share account, opened my first credit card and just recently was approved for a car loan with True North. Being involved with so many areas of the Credit Union has really opened my eyes up to all the financial tools that are available to help us on our journeys.

ausin on a trail in juneau alaska#MyNextStep? Building a foundation for financial stability! I feel confident in my financial knowledge and how I can build for my future avoiding that same insecurity I felt when COVID hit. True North has helped me take my first step towards a healthy relationship with my credit and finances.