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Personal Loans

For what you need, when you need it.

True North has always been there for me when times were tough & other banks turned me down. I always get the best rate & terms with this bank & I appreciate it.

Russ T.


Personal Loan

  • Fixed Rate up to 60 months (see details)
  • No early payoff penalty 
  • No origination fee
  • Rates as low as 11.65% APR
  • Great for one-time expenses or debt consolidation 

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Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Error Proof your Checking Account
  • No transfer fee
  • Monthly payment based upon amount used, minimum payment of $25
  • Credit limits $500 to $3000

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Savings Secured Loans

  • Secured with Share Savings or Certificate account
  • Rate 3.00% above dividend rate
  • Great, low cost way to build credit

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Borrow for 60 Months
at 11.65% APR and your monthly payment will be as low as:
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